Equitation Essentials. The hows and whys of a winning riding position. Part 2

I learned the fundamentals of equitation to the repetitive tune of Heads up! Heels down! trotting around and around the riding school arena. I acquired the hows of riding in those early years, but my whys were typically answered with tradition – that’s just the way it’s done. Thinking back, if I’d grasped the reasoning behind the technical skills of riding, I’d have been more motivated to persevere in those drills without stirrups!

Horse sale scams and the human heart.

“Horse classified scams run rampant.”This cautionary headline caught my eye . It seems that a new scam rears its ugly head every week.The sad truth is that in every corner of the horse world, every sport and every business,  there are those finding new ways to bend a straight line crooked.And if we’re honest, isn’t … Read more