Why do horses do what they do?

As a riding coach, horse show judge and specialist in equine behavior, I’m fascinated by the science and research of how horses really think and learn. Equitation science explains a lot of what happens in the show arena.
And how horses learn best in the training arena.
 Having the heart of a teacher, I love to communicate not only the whats and hows of working with horses… but WHY.

Lindsay Grice statium

Freelance riding coach

VIDEO COACHING now available!

Need a fresh perspective? I make farm visits to Ontario stables. For a pre-show tune up or help solving your “horse puzzle”. Occasionally or weekly. Coaches, supplement your program with equitation science sessions for you or your students.

In a typical riding session I will:

  • watch you and your horse working as a team, observing your signals and noting your horse’s responses.
  • target some trouble spots
  • suggest specific, do-able changes based on equitation science – how horses think and learn
  • provide you with homework ideas

more about riding lessons

I got more out of my one hour session with Lindsay that in many years of lessons!”
L.S., Wingham, Ontario

Lindsay Grice Palgrave

Workshops and riding clinics

VIDEO CLINICS also available! 2 hr online workshops.

“Is it me or my horse?” Participants gain insights from fascinating equine research in workshops and practical riding sessions. Riders go home with a game plan for the training ring, warm up ring, or show ring.

“Thanks again for a fantastic weekend clinic! You are so gifted as a teacher. People
are asking when are you are coming back??”
J.L. riding coach, Nova Scotia.

I would like to thank you again for the wonderful presentation that you did for CARD.The volunteers are still talking about how much they learned.”
Staff, Therapeutic riding facility, Toronto,  Ontario.