Lindsay Grice saddle
Lindsay Grice stable aisle

Consulting: horses

Planning to buy a horse? Need objective advice?

  • Let’s make sure your goals, priorities, abilities and budget fit your prospect. Help to locate a suitable match.
  • Horse training issue? Equine behaviour puzzle? Want a second opinion?
  • Video riding assessments available  – More Information
  • Equine legal consulting. Horse appraisals. Equine law issues – More Information

Consulting: horse farms

Hobby farm or horse business, I help clients avoid the costly mistakes of learning by trial and error!

  • Horses at home? Building or renovating a stable? Unbiased advice. The most suitable products and equipment to use for your situation.
  • Horse industry best practices. Current research. What works and what doesn’t!
  • Contracts: horse boarding, leasing, sales

“How do I recognize, treat and avoid such things as foot abscesses, skin rashes, and minor wounds?”
“Is it necessary to blanket a horse living outside in the winter months? Which blanket types? “
“How do I know if my new saddle fits my horse?”
“My horse won’t load onto the trailer!”
“Where do I find a reputable vet and blacksmith?”
“What should I charge for boarding and lessons?”
“What are my insurance needs?”
“How do I find and maintain great school horses for my lesson business?”