A riding coach is a mentor.

Creative problem solving, humility, humour, life perspective (“this too shall pass”). Good coaches are mentors – teaching life lessons alongside riding without stirrups! Because its’ more than horse shows. Our students may take away a ribbon as they exit the ring. But if they don’t take away character learned from the pressure cooker of competition, we’ve failed as coaches.

Riding the rail: winning tips for horse show flat classes. Part 3

First impressions are lasting impressions in horse show flat classes. Enter the show ring with confidence – in show mode, not training mode. Though judges aren’t yet officially scoring, they’re forming opinions as they organize bookwork and check tack. Get in there promptly. Don’t dilly-dally and contribute to a delay. That’s irritating to a horse show judge – the judge you’re hoping to impress. As a bonus, making an early entrance into the show ring carves out extra warm up time while the judge is recording numbers…and waiting for the tardy entries.

Whose voices am I listening to? Life lessons learned from horses.

Whose voices are you listening to? Speaking to a group of students last month about the influence of our media choices,I used a Life Lesson Learned from Horses. horse show I judged –a speed event horse, so distracted in the show ring by the calls of his stable mates that he crashed into the first barrel on course! Are the voices coming from our screens, song lyrics, celebrities and social media, steering us off-course?

Horse show judges’ PD Day

At a dressage judging clinic, Caledon Equestrian Park on Saturday. Professional development day. Wearing a few different hats as a horse show judge, it’s SO interesting for me to compare the disciplines. The scoring systems, the traditions, the styles – even the background music! Something to be learned and appreciated from every horse show ring in equestrian sport.

Transitions – in riding and in life

A credit-earning transition has no FLEE (rushing out the “front door”) And no BRACE (resistance–leaning on your hands or sticking on your leg aids). Full article on my site…
Maybe the same ingredients for riding transitions can apply to our inevitable life transitions too.
We’ve all rushed into the next opportunity or confrontation with someone, and regretted it.
Other times we get stuck – paralyzed to make a choice or a change .