Horse sale scams and the human heart.

“Horse classified scams run rampant.”This cautionary headline caught my eye . It seems that a new scam rears its ugly head every week.The sad truth is that in every corner of the horse world, every sport and every business,  there are those finding new ways to bend a straight line crooked.And if we’re honest, isn’t … Read more

Red ribbon personalities –horses and humans.

Stay away. I kick. If your horse’s personal space-guarding has become assertive enough to warrant a red tail ribbon, it’s time to go back and do some homework before going off property. Instead of donning a red tail ribbon, train towards expanding his social bubble. Though there’s a few red ribbon PRICKLY people, thankfully, there’s another kind of red-ribbon personality to be spotted at horse shows… gracious, grateful, curious, helpful

Riding the rail: winning tips for horse show flat classes. Part 3

First impressions are lasting impressions in horse show flat classes. Enter the show ring with confidence – in show mode, not training mode. Though judges aren’t yet officially scoring, they’re forming opinions as they organize bookwork and check tack. Get in there promptly. Don’t dilly-dally and contribute to a delay. That’s irritating to a horse show judge – the judge you’re hoping to impress. As a bonus, making an early entrance into the show ring carves out extra warm up time while the judge is recording numbers…and waiting for the tardy entries.

Clenching the bit, horses, and Good Friday.

“Clenching the bit”. “Stiff necked”. Horse idioms we use for steely determination. So what’s this got to do with Good Friday? This week I saw a horse that’d had enough – took the bit between his teeth, locked his jaw and trotted off on a tangent out of the circle, toward the gate., neck and determination were set like stone. This riding session was over…

When your horse’s “go”button is stuck. Part 2

I see it in the show ring as a judge. A horse digs in his toes at the trail bridge, stalls on approach to a jump or balks to enter the ring altogether. If you’d like some help refining your horse’s go-forward cues, solving your “horse puzzles”, or teaching your horse a new skill, I offer freelance coaching at Ontario farms. I’d love to meet you and your horse!