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About riding clinics

For riding clubs or private barns, one day or several days, let’s plan a custom riding clinic at your facility! Training techniques and horse show prep, based on the science of how horses think and learn, with insights into equine research.

Unmounted  “horse talk” workshops with several smaller group riding sessions per day.

Workshop topic suggestions:

Tackroom or larger meeting room. One hour. Morning or lunch hour/social potluck.

  • Thinking Like a Horse: The science of why horses do what they do. “Is it me or my horse?”  With principles from fascinating equine behaviour research, we find clues to solve every day horse behaviour puzzles, ride more effectively, or get the winning edge!
  • How Horses Learn: how to teach your horse any skill, systematically. In the horse world, evidence and traditions sometimes collide.  Tack and training techniques, based on the science of how horses think and learn. Schooling at home: Making your practice time count!
  • Make the Most of your Show Day Score cards, penalties, class procedures and showing tips. What are judges looking for? Hunter, jumper, western classes, competitive trail etc. When things go wrong in the show ring: How to prevent and recover from unexpected challenges. (“But he never does that at home!”) Warm up, mental preparation, safety tips, memorizing a course.

Therapeutic Riding facilities:

Lindsay Grice Ring Teaching
Therapeutic riding facilities
Therapeutic riding facilities

Mounted session ideas:

Putting the theory sessions into practice!

  • Small group riding sessions. Is it me or my horse? (western or english). Solving puzzles, based on the science of how horses think and learn. Groups of 1-3 riders. Let’s work on whatever training area they feel needs improvement, or let me spot an area! Examples:  collecting the canter, consistent gaits, lead issues, teaching lateral movement, lightening up the lazy horse, teaching neck reining.
  • Make the Most of your Show Day. “Show and Tell”- A fun practice show in which the judge explains class strategy and gives feedback on performances and tips for improvement.
  • Navigating trail obstacles – for competition and just for fun! A great off-season training project. Gain fine-control of your horse by maneuvering through obstacles. Or prepare for competition – from trail show classes to Extreme Obstacle competition to Pony Club Trec events. Step-by step – how to teach it and score it.
  • Schooling at home: Making your practice time count!   Does your training time need a creative game plan? Trotting around the same worn track? Need to fit the maximum skills into a minimum time budget? The tree Ps of planning a logical schooling session based on science how horses learn. Repetition, attention span, reward  and choosing appropriate tack.  Exercises and patterns to add variety and  ban boredom! Adapting the session to the seasoned, green, or horse with an “issue”.

Private farms:

Private farms:
Private farms:
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