The horses we love – when MORE isn’t better…

If a little is good, more is better…right?
Dr. Harry Werner, past president of the American Association of Equine Practitioners shared his top ways we horse people can overdo it.
Here’s are some highlights…

  • Overuse of joint injections – routine, without evidence of lameness
  • Over-shoeing without considering the option of a fundamental and sensible trim
  • Over use of leg and bell boots, worn routinely without a specific reason
  • Over-feeding carbs and grains and underfeeding forage and grazing
  • Over-feeding  supplements and nutraceuticals without considering the research showing evidence that it works
  • Over-blanketing. Left on all the time, in and out.
  • Over-bathing (and over-sheath cleaning.) Messing with beneficial bacteria (and Mother Nature)

Take-home message? Dr Werner believes in trying to keep things simple. Your horse might be better off when you realize he needs less meddling, maintenance, and medications.

 When more IS better?  The more we as horse-people read, learn and study the wealth of  evidence-based horse info available to us, our horses are better off.

 What works? What doesn’t? What could be harmful? What’s a waste of money and time?