Lindsay Grice Jumping

Freelance riding coach and video coaching

Enjoy the process as much as the result!  By understanding equine behaviour and learning, my students gain a tool kit to solve their own horse puzzles and problems.

Lost your riding confidence? Let’s rebuild it step by step. Mature rider?  We’ll move at your own pace.   I coach and judge  western, hunter, dressage or speed events riders. Competitive or novice riders.

Refreshingly straightforward and simple!”


Lindsay Grice teaching

Explaining the “Hows” and “Whys” using Equitation Science.

“Hows“ : the mechanics of riding.

  • precise pace control and lateral exercizes
  • collection, suppleness, eliminating resistance
  • details of timing and technique for rider aids/cues
  • techniques and strategies for competition

“Whys” : the reason for every suggestion.  The fascinating science of how horses think and learn.

  • Why does my horse respond that way?
  • Why use this tack or technique? Tradition or logical reason?
  • Why do horses learn differently than people…or dogs?
  • Why does my horse “get “ this skill at home and not at the show or on the trail?
  • What’s the application for this skill on the trail or in the show ring?

Lindsay has an eye for detail. She was able to zero in on a specific problem area and suggest changes that made a difference!
W.Y., Orangeville, Ontario

In a typical riding session I will:

  • watch you and your horse working as a team. Acting as a mirror, I observe your signals and watch your horse’s response.
  • target some trouble spots
  • suggest specific, do-able changes based on equitation science
  • provide you with homework ideas

Horse show coaching

Lindsay Grice Outdoor Lessons

A game plan before each class. “Is it me or my horse?” Guidance for problem-solving.

Just a note of thanks for a great lesson. Your clear, fair, consistent approach to riding and teaching makes lessons with you priceless. Thanks for being patient with me!
Heather L., Ontario

Long distance? No problem.

Video Coaching. We’ll  review your riding session or horse show class video, assessing together via phone consultation..
Affordable and convenient!

Farm visits to Ontario stables.  Need a fresh perspective? Occasional or weekly riding lessons. Coaches, supplement your program with occasional lessons for yourself or your students.