It’s More Than Horse Shows

Lindsay Grice lessons

I was 13 when I entered my first horse show. The judge advised me that the yellow macramé browband I’d crafted for my gelding’s bridle was not customary horse show attire. In 25 years as a professional riding coach and horse trainer, I’ve worked with 100s of horses and coached even more riders. What I’ve learned from horses and their people! What I’ve learned about myself in the fishbowl of the show ring! Horse shows have enriched the lives of so many – and been the catalyst for the train wreck of others.

When your horse’s “go”button is stuck. Part 2

I see it in the show ring as a judge. A horse digs in his toes at the trail bridge, stalls on approach to a jump or balks to enter the ring altogether. If you’d like some help refining your horse’s go-forward cues, solving your “horse puzzles”, or teaching your horse a new skill, I offer freelance coaching at Ontario farms. I’d love to meet you and your horse!

Worry and horses.

“What if..?” Worry and fear leave us sleepless the night before a horse show, tongue tied in a difficult conversation, or gripping the reins, white knuckled. “In riding, there’s a fine line between awareness and overreaction – between having a solution ready in case… and anticipating the problem so much you actually trigger it”

Equitation Science. Horse science put into practice.

What a treat to share a presentation for the International Society of Equitation Science this week.
My topic : how put the science of equine research , evidence based and ethical horse training, into practice – coaching riders, teaching horses and getting them ready for the ring – whatever ring they’re prepping for – western, hunter, dressage or over obstacles.

Horse show families: those who give riders a leg up

I’ve known and loved lots of horse families in my years of coaching. Riding students and their “pit crews”- those bound up in the bundle of life with them. Horse shows can pull families together…and sadly, others apart.
As coaches, let’s do our part to support our families – they’re the building blocks of our communities in a messy world.

Do whips make racehorses run faster? Evidently not, say researchers.

Race track whip rules have been written and revised, swayed by the court of public opinion and the advocacy of welfare groups. I’ve got nothing against the use of artificial aids – applied within a system and with timing a horse understands. But this research from equitation scientists, asked this interesting question about whip use on the race track…“Does it actually work?” Do whips make race horses run faster?

Hazards, horses and helmets.

No doubt about it – in the event of a fall, the helmet WILL minimize damage. But wouldn’t it be better not to fall in the first place? At every horse show impetuous riders climb aboard fresh, distracted or green horses – prey animals in a busy, unfamiliar environment…yet, these riders are wearing their helmets. I guess the best overall solution would be to ride it as if you had no helmet… and then wear one.