Online video workshops

Lindsay Grice Clinic

 Online – the next best thing to in-person riding clinics.

Choose either theme: Horse training, “Equitation Science” or horse showing, “What’s the judge looking for?”
2 hour clinics – customized for each group. 

Would this be a helpful idea to build community at your barn or club?
A way to generate a little income?

Email me for more details. I’m making it really affordable in belt-tightening times.

  • How do horses and humans learn differently?
  • “Is it me or my horse?”  
  • How do I teach any skill to my horse logically, step-by-step?
  •  “What’s the judge looking for?”
  • What are top things judges say go wrong in the show ring ?  Tips to prevent them and recover?
  • What’s the current research on choosing bits and training tack?

For me, applying equine research – how horses think and learn, has made teaching horses… simpler.
Equitation science answers the WHY behind the hows (technical skills) of riding. –sorting through our traditions and the evidence.

Wearing the “judge’s hat” in several disciplines (hunter/jumper, western,  dressage,  obstacle events), I watch a lot of horses and riders in the pressure of the show ring.
Equitation science can help solve our horse puzzles in the warm up ring or  show ring.


  • Power Point presentation.
  • Q and A.  Ask me anything about your horse, tack, training tips, horse shows hints.

Topic suggestions

Thinking Like a Horse. How do we know what we know about horses?
Fascinating research giving a fresh perspective for better communication between horse and human in the training arena or show ring.

How Horses Learn: how to teach your horse any skill, systematically based on the science of equine behaviour. The”3 Ps” of a good schooling session. Ever wonder – “what should I work on today?” Make the most of your practice time!

Make the Most of your Show Day.  What’s the judge looking for? Insights into scoring and class strategy (multiple disciplines). “But he never does that at home!” When  things go wrong in the show ring: How to prevent and recover from unexpected challenges.

Horse Science for Speed Events. Every little resistance costs precious time! Jumper, barrels or extreme obstacle races. Speed under control is quicker than speed out of control. The effect of adrenaline –
differences in horse and human. I’ll share a judges perspective – common speed event challenges and mishaps. And a horse’s perspective – insights from equitation science when running against the timer!

Bits, spurs and training tack. How to choose, use and abuse them! The science of bits and training aids.  Part 1 Bit science.  Resistances. Is it me, my bit or my horse? Keys to a soft mouth.  Part 2 Legal and illegal competition equipment. Fascinating equine research into what works best, how horses learn.