Whose voices am I listening to? Life lessons learned from horses.

I was speaking to a group of high school students earlier this year about the influence of our media choices, using Life Lessons Learned from Horses.

Whose voices are you listening to?

I shared the story of a speed event horse, so distracted in the horse show ring by the calls of his stable mates that he crashed into the first barrel on course!

Are the voices coming from our screens, song lyrics, celebrities and social media, steering us off-course? Or motivating us to stay on track?
Are they promoting themselves or something they believe in? Even inspiring us to be part of a bigger story than our own?

I asked – what are the ideas woven into the movies, music videos, ads, and posts?

Are those ideas TRUE, GOOD and BEAUTIFUL?

  • TRUE- can one really make choices like that that and not be affected? Will that product really make me happy?
  • GOOD?  Does message match my values? What if everyone in society lived like that? Do the voices  describe escaping the  reality of life or honestly wrestling with the hard things of life? 
  • BEAUTIFUL? Are the ideas Creative?  Artistic?  Unique?