“When things get back to normal…” Returning to the mounting block.

In the middle of our I DON’T KNOW, we long for the familiar rhythms of life. But was life really normal? I mean, life as it ought to be?  Like a horse “progressing” away from the mounting block while its rider is still adjusting her stirrups, if we’re honest, much of our culture seemed to be “progressing” out of control but we were too busy to do anything about it.  This unplanned “off season” may be the perfect time to HALT- stop the horse’s feet and consider…”How did we get here?”

Even before the pandemic, rates of anxiety and loneliness were creeping higher. Addiction to screens and substances. Media pushes the limits a little further to get views. What was shocking 20 years ago, brings only a shrug today. Families are fracturing. Perhaps we need to head back to the mounting block.

Whoa! Somewhere deep inside I think we have a sense, almost like a distant memory of Life as it Ought to Be – I believe as God designed us to be.
 Many have rediscovered family dinners, puzzles, serving neighbors, baking bread. We’re getting sick of virtual life and longing for real eye contact and hugs!

The world as we knew it has come to a sliding stop but may we not move on, unchanged. What if we resume life as normal without pausing to ponder life as it should be ?

We might fail to strain the hidden gift out of a “Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad” situation. 

“Let us examine our ways and test them, and let us return to the LORD.” from the book of Lamentations, the Bible. Written from the rubble of the author’s beloved city, Jerusalem, after the Babylonian invasion, 586 BC.