What’s good about Good Friday? Horse show rules and ransoms.

As a kid, I never knew what Good Friday was all about. Overshadowed by Easter Bunny anticipation, I knew it had something to do with Jesus and a cross, but I sure didn’t know why He died on that cross.

I understand the story now.

 Speaking to a group of teens at a summer horse camp, I used this analogy…

As horse show competitors, we’ve got to ride by the rules – guidelines set in place so horses, riders and the entire horse show industry will thrive.  Let’s say I got caught breaking the banned medication rule– whether by accident or intentionally, no doubt about it, I’d be guilty. But what if the president of the horse show association showed me MERCY, gave me a pardon, going so far as to pay my fine and take the suspension in my place? This is the grace of Good Friday.

Good Friday is a remembrance that Jesus’s death wasn’t the unfortunate execution of a martyr but, He repeatedly claimed it was all part of a bigger plan to reconcile people to their Creator.  I’d say he was a “freedom fighter”,  freeing me from the weight of guilt – those things I said and did that I wish I hadn’t. Those things I wish I’d said and done, but didn’t.  A simmering sense I don’t measure up,  which separates me from God and others.

When Jesus described the purpose of His life, He described the final Friday of his life

 “ …He came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

Amazing grace.