Use your corners. Advice for riding and life.

Use your corners.
A good reminder from a dressage Olympian and a useful tip for hunter and western competitors. 
But come to think of it, it’s good daily life advice…

“The corner is such a valuable opportunity to correct, and we all have a tendency to fly straight through it focusing on the next marker. Utilise every corner to gauge your balance and self-carriage, your power and responsiveness to your aids – taking advantage of the corner to do a small half halt, to put everything together to come out of that corner ready to start the next movement as prepared as you can be”.
 Lyndal Oatley

As we fly through our days, filling every corner of time by checking our phones, checking our lists, it’s easy to avoid thinking too deeply. “ Half-halt” to reset before the next task or better judgement before the next conversation.
For me, inspiration tends to happen in the corners – those small pauses to shut off the world’s voices, turn some ideas around in my head…and pray.