Lindsay Grice Ring Teaching

Upcoming riding clinics

Private farms. Riding clubs. Therapeutic riding facilities. For competitive and recreational riders.

 In workshops, participants gain insights from the science of how horses think and learn. Followed by practical small group riding sessions – putting the theory into practice!.

Riders go home with a game plan for the training ring, warm up ring, or show ring.


Friday March 22
Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
Therapeutic Ride Algoma. Evening seminar.

Saturday March 23
Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
Educational seminars and tack sale.  The science of bits and bridles: keys to your horse’s soft mouth  9am

Saturday March 30
T.E.A.D. Equestrian Association for the Disabled
Hamilton, Ontario
Workshops and practical sessions

Saturday April 29
M.W.H.S. Prepare for the show season clinic!           Clinton, Ontario.  Contact:

Saturday June 1
Uxbridge, Ontario  Navigating trail obstacles– for competition and just for fun!
Western and English riders. How to teach it to your horse (based on the science of how horses learn) and how judges score it. Contact

June 8,9
9 Mile Acres
New Liskeard, Ontario
Riding clinic and workshops. Small group riding sessions available.

June 28-30
Freedom Ranch
New Liskeard, Ontario
Riding clinic, workshops and practice show. Small group riding sessions available.

July 5-7  Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
Workshops and small group riding sessions.

July 25. Thurs. evening clinic. Mono, Ontario
Workshop and small group riding sessions.
Contact Hockley Meadows Farm

Sept 15. Sudbury, Ontario
Make the most of your show day. What’s the judge looking for?
Contact Penny

Sept 28. Huntsville, Ontario
Workshop and practical riding sessions.
Contact Delena

October 4. Friday
Windreach Farm. Ashburn, Ontario
Therapeutic riding facility.  Workshops and practical sessions.

October 5. Thornbury, Ontario
Akhal Tekes Breed Conference.               

October 20. Parry Sound, Ontario
Workshop and practical riding sessions.
Contact Karyn

Also freelance coaching at several Ontario farms. Join in or contact me to arrange a farm visit!

Lindsay Grice Jumping
Lindsay Grice teaching

“Thank you so much for all your assistance over the weekend. Being an older rider, sometimes it takes a different perspective to make a point resonate with greater clarity. You are an excellent communicator, something that you have obviously honed over the years.”
Karen B. Lansdowne

“It was wonderful to meet and work with you this weekend. You have such a scientific mind and a great critical way of evaluating horses and riders and their relationships.”
Angela W, Hamilton, Ont.

Lindsay Grice clinic
Lindsay Grice indoor clinic

“We had a lot of good comments by the people participating in the workshop. Thanks so much for taking the time to come and teach us something new or help us with some troubleshooting.”
Lanark County Therapeutic Riding program coordinator.

“Thank you for putting together such an informative, engaging and friendly clinic today! I appreciated the hands on sessions with your kind way of correcting and rewarding us, the participants! I think one of the things I will take away from today is to try to duplicate your teaching style when working with the volunteer leaders. As an instructor I feel sometimes I may rush through an explanation of what they could try to do if a situation arises beyond their experience/control.”
Instructor/participant. Therapeutic riding clinic.


Lindsay Grice ring side clinic
Lindsay Grice arena clinic
Lindsay Grice farm clinic