The story of Christmas in a messy, horse trailer tack room.

If your horse trailer tack room door is jammed closed and bulging, you’re in good company. We never did get around to the annual pre-show cleaning… no horse shows.
Cracked pylons, muddy riding boots and a frozen hose are still there.  Last winter we added a broken jump standard to store “just for now” and shoulder-checked the door tight.
No one guessed we’d later close the door to the 2020 horse show season.

It’s shaping up to be a grey Christmas – in the grey zone of a lock-down, things aren’t as they’re supposed to be. Our rituals and routines are as messed up as our trailer tack rooms. Christmas plans made “for now” have been modified and re-modified.  Plan A morphs into Plan B, (we horse people are used to that).
Finally, closing the door on plan C seems the responsible thing to do… Next year.

Funny how the story of Christmas is about the birth of a child in the middle of a mess.

Our mess… That’s the whole point.

Historically, Christ made his appearance in the first century. In the Roman empire, “might made right”. The powerful terrorized, taxed, and took from the oppressed minority.  Such minorities were Jesus’ parents. To add to the mess, they were young, poor and socially shamed – Mary was unmarried and pregnant – scandalous in her culture. Jesus’ birth was no white, lace-wrapped royal baby presented for cameras on the Buckingham palace balcony.

We’d rather hide what’s behind the bulging tack room doors.  More so, hide the messes of our lives – especially those of our own making. The story of Christmas is “Emmanuel”, meaning God with us – right in the middle of our mess.