“When things get back to normal…” Getting back to the mounting block.

Like a horse creeping away from the mounting block, his rider still adjusting her stirrups, as we creep into another year, adjusting and re-adjusting, pandemic life is taking its toll. “Whoa, how did we get here?” In the middle of our I DON’T KNOW, we long for things to get back to ‘normal”. But was life before lockdowns really normal? I mean, life as it ought to be?

Mounting block manners- a winter project for you and your horse.

Mounting style doesn’t affect the judge’s horse show score card or influence a barrel run time – no wonder riders don’t devote time to standing still while mounting . Until it starts to become a bigger problem. So before things escalate to “Butch Cassidy mount-on-the-fly” style, sneak some mounting block training into each riding session. Training in one area of horsemanship spills into others.