Heads up! Heels down! The line between equitation poise and pose.

Beautifully turned out equitation riders head up the placings at the top horse shows. Riding lessons devoted to arena laps without stirrups and in 2-point position pay dividends in the show ring. Head up! Heels down! But have you ever considered the line between equitation poise and pose? Dignity, effectiveness, calm and confidence describe a rider with poise. An air of assurance born from experience.

Ponies and “unhelpful”equitation.

Are ponies tougher than horses? French researchers say so.“We often hear that ponies are more robust than horses, and our study shows that they are less inclined to develop signs of poor welfare and that they are more resistant to deleterious equitation.”
(Deleterious equitation means “unhelpful” riding. We’ve ALL been there.)

Blaming my horse. Assessing the communication gap.

When I assume my horse “should know better” the truth is at that moment, I’ve really just run out of creativity, patience and my knowledge of equitation science.Training horses isn’t so much horse sense as horse science. It’s not whispering. It’s not mystical. By understanding how horses learn and see the world we can communicate with more logic and less emotion.