Equitation Science. Horse science put into practice.

What a treat to share a presentation for the International Society of Equitation Science this week.
My topic : how put the science of equine research , evidence based and ethical horse training, into practice – coaching riders, teaching horses and getting them ready for the ring – whatever ring they’re prepping for – western, hunter, dressage or over obstacles.

Do whips make racehorses run faster? Evidently not, say researchers.

Race track whip rules have been written and revised, swayed by the court of public opinion and the advocacy of welfare groups. I’ve got nothing against the use of artificial aids – applied within a system and with timing a horse understands. But this research from equitation scientists, asked this interesting question about whip use on the race track…“Does it actually work?” Do whips make race horses run faster?

Heads up! Heels down! The line between equitation poise and pose.

Beautifully turned out equitation riders head up the placings at the top horse shows. Riding lessons devoted to arena laps without stirrups and in 2-point position pay dividends in the show ring. Head up! Heels down! But have you ever considered the line between equitation poise and pose? Dignity, effectiveness, calm and confidence describe a rider with poise. An air of assurance born from experience.