Riding coach. Horse Trainer. Equestrian “Sculptor”

 I came across these photos – a few of my sculptures, done when I was 20 yrs. old. I loved sculpting horses and riders.  Funny, although I sold my kiln and tools when horses became my career, I’m still in the business of sculpting horses and riders!  And I still love it.

Training horses,  coaching riders.
Building a horse’s skill, refining a rider’s understanding – bit by bit. With 2% improvement each session, a skill takes a new shape in a month!  
Shaving away an unwanted habit, session by session. But carve away too abruptly and the sculpture breaks – horses get scared, riders lose confidence.

Where do I place the scalpel to pinpoint the root of the resistance or mental block,  beyond simply fixing the symptom?  As I watch horses and riders in lessons and clinics, I observe and think.  My eyes circle from the rider’s signals to the horse’s response – speaking back what I see – choosing words as artfully and simply as I can.

Riding, coaching, training. It’s a slow and steady work of art isn’t it?