Pressures, prey animals and people.

When I’m feeling squeezed by the world, does it bring out the best or the worst in me?
In clinics for therapeutic riding facilities, I work with staff to teach or re-teach horses to stand quietly at the mounting ramp. Not a naturally pleasant experience for a prey animal – sandwiched between a tall ramp and an offsite barrier with people hovering over top and often a wheelchair in his peripheral vision!
 Vulnerable, his instinct is to squirt out the front!

In these days when we feel squeezed by circumstances, pressured by bills and the daily menu of doom in the news, will we respond with self-preservation and hoarding? Or with generosity – sharing our stuff, our sympathy , our smile with others (even at a social distance).

There is one who gives freely, yet increases more. Another withholds what is right and suffers want. A generous person will prosper. Whoever refreshes another will be refreshed.” Proverbs. The Bible.