Lessons Learned from the Christmas Donkey

The Christmas donkey is in the background of every nativity scene.

Resilient and stoic. Less expressive and reactive than a horse.

 In our current climate of outrage and offense; when individual freedom, personal expression and my right to happiness can trump empathy, commitment  and sacrifice for others – maybe the donkey has something to quietly teach us.

“The Christmas donkey did his work. He delivered Jesus so Jesus could be delivered….And, upon arrival, he stepped to the side. He demanded no recognition, expected no compensation.” Author Max Lucado

  • Faithfulness. Showing up. For another committee meeting. At the nursing home.  In a difficult relationship.  Keeping promises, even when it costs. 
  • Humility. The Christmas donkey plodded along the rocky, desert miles from Nazareth to Jerusalem.  He expected no applause.  He let Jesus have the spotlight.
  • Hope. The donkey carried an unseen Hope, hidden in the pregnant body of a Jewish girl.

At the end of Jesus’  life, a donkey  would again deliver Him. History records Jesus riding into Jerusalem, knowingly toward his death, not as a King riding a war horse, but… on a donkey.