Jumping horses as little as possible?

On the benefits of installing lateral “buttons “on competitive horses, while “jumping as little as possible”…

“I do lots of flat work. A work a lot of poles on the ground to replicate the same kind of training that’s required for the course, but over a rail on the ground instead of having a jumping effort. It just minimizes the impact on the horse. I have a dressage trainer who works with me full-time… [lateral movements ] make my horses really in tune with my aids. They become really responsive off the legs, and that’s useful for what we do.” U.S Olympian show jumper, Kent Farrington.

Jumping is fun. Training fundamentals…less so.    I know that makes me a “less fun” riding coach at times.
BUT… navigating a course or a crowded warm-up ring on a distracted horse without well installed fundamentals is about as fun as being on the 400 highway interchanges without power steering!