Horses like predictability. So do we.

Ever wonder why, in acres of pasture, horses choose the same well-worn path? A predictable environment for a prey animal is a safe environment.  Horses thrive on a predictability, in training system and feeding schedule. No surprises.
 I guess in many ways we’re the same, don’t you think?

Our modern world allows us to dress to the weather forecast and invest to the economic forecast. We tune in daily to the Covid numbers and gas price projections.  We can customize our playlists and preferences.  Auto-play takes the guesswork out of what happens next on my screen. Amazon reviews take the guesswork out of what I purchase next.

 We can customize, personalize and  optimize everything.  No surprises; minimal inconveniences.

A historian nailed it in a recent CBC interview, “Our capacity to tolerate uncertainty has lessened because of how highly predictive our world is. Data predicts everything.”

Almost everything.

 Being able to customize my life is not the same as being able to control it. No wonder these recent unpredictable years have produced a bumper crop of North American anxiety.

“We are all subject to the things we can’t or don’t know how to tame, no matter how tailored our environments. “ Author and musician, Kelly Minter.

So how do we head into unpredictable new year… or for that matter, even into next Monday?

A horse steps into the unknown of a horse trailer or into a water box by trusting in the one who’s leading him. So must I.  If I believe God has the helicopter view and,  if I believe He is good, then I’ll trust Him to step into the unpredictable.

Musician Ginny Owens says it well. Being blind, Ginny has a unique perspective on stepping into the unknown.

“I don’t know much, that much is true
the queries are endless, my answers are few
but life has caused me to conclude
I can face what I don’t know
by singing about what I do.”