Horses in a rush. Humans in a hurry: Purposeful pauses.

In writing about horses and rushing lately, I got thinking…And what about humans?  Ever suffer from “hurry sickness”?   
Years ago, before cars, the pace of life was 5 mph- the pace a horse could walk. Or 3 mph, the stride of a human. Before smartphones, we called or showed up and “visited” face to face.
 When I had the opportunity to travel to Israel to judge some horse shows and teach riding clinics, I was moved by how everything shut down for the Sabbath and family. Stores, transportation, restaurants, even…horse shows!

Never, before the smartphone age, have we had more voices influencing us,  notifications distracting us or online purchase options overwhelming us.

What if we intentionally, inefficiently slowed down? What if we were DESIGNED for regular “pauses”?

  • Try a weekly tech-free day.
  • Linger in a conversation, deciding you’ll not be the first to say “gotta go”.
  • Let someone in front of you in the grocery line- even start a conversation with the person behind you!
  • Eat dinner at a table – no screens allowed.
  • Watch your horse eat.

Dave Elston illustration