Horse show rules, pasture fence lines and living well between the limits.

What are the rules?  Where are the limits?   Is_______ allowed?

With this week’s government delivery of the latest lockdown measures, talk radio callers and social media posters are craving clarity. One caller lamented, “’Words like “could” and “should” are not helpful.”’

Also this week  came the delivery of the latest horse show rule books to my mailbox.  
These are the rules.  These are the ring dimensions.  These are the tack restrictions

With clear, well laid out rules-of-play, we’re free to push the limits of excellence, within the limits of the rules of the ring. With clear, well-laid-out fence lines, horses are free to buck, play and graze.

Reminds me of, Jesus’ famous words, “The Truth will set you free.”  Hmmm…maybe true freedom is found within the fencelines. Within self-restraint, self-denial….for the benefit of others.

 I guess a “you-do-you”, “follow your heart” view of the world doesn’t really work, regardless of how cool it sounds in a song lyric or Disney movie. Unbridled self-expression is  the top horse getting the round bale and the top shopper snagging the last pack of toilet paper.

And the loudest opinion wins.

Kinda like The Simpsons episode about the “Do What you Feel Festival”. Park where you want, nothing repaired according to code, runaway animals  and ferris wheels.  Everyone says whatever they’re thinking, regardless of the effect on others – pandemonium.