Horse show luck?

“Good luck!” With a final buff of my boot and a pat to the horse’s neck, the horse’s owner waves me from warm up ring to show pen before taking their place in the bleachers. Many years of showing horses, many owners, many horses, but the scene is familiar.

I love the sentiment, but I don’t really believe in luck! Horse show success, I believe, is a recipe of diligent training +  ring strategy +  polished turn out +  the gracious hand of God.

The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but victory rests in the Lord.

Lest I ever presume any personal victory rests on my own doing,  this verse is posted as a reminder on my refrigerator and website. In the rear-view mirror, I see how both wins AND losses have been mixed into the bigger story in my life.

Luck? Chance? Coincidence? On a grander scale, I see in life and nature, all the design of a brilliant symphony, with God as it’s composer.  The idea that the world in its rhythm, grandness and intricate beauty came into being by a random accidental collision of molecules and energy takes a leap of faith- a belief in luck!