Horse show families: those who give riders a leg up

It’s Family Day in Ontario…so I’m thinking of all the horse show families I’ve known and loved over the years of coaching riders…

  • riding students and their “pit crews”- those bound up in the bundle of life with them.
  • Moms and Dad’s who’ve mastered leg bandaging, leg ups and backing up the R.V. 
  • one spouse in the saddle while the other videotapes the class.

Horse shows can pull families together…and sadly, others apart.
 As coaches, let’s do our part to support our families – they’re the building blocks of our communities in a messy world.

“….nothing less than the shaping of the bodies and souls of humanity, the family is the factory that manufactures mankind.” G.K. Chesterton

Horse family check-up:

  • Are horse shows a shared interest or a strain on family finances?
  • Are most weekends spent together or divided? – mom and daughter heading for the horse show,  while dad takes son to a ball tournament.
  • Are family meals a weekly thing? (around the table, tech-free) Or is every night grab-and-go – heading to the stable?

    Happy Family Day!