Halt at X. Taking a break.

Like bookends on each end of a brilliant dressage pattern, the halt is a moment to compose beforehand and reflect afterwards. Jill Irving reflected on her FEI WEG performance on the challenge of the halt in the midst of outside distractions and internal adrenaline. “It’s hard when you fire them up to do other movements, then say, ‘Oh, by the way, you have to stand still.’”
Do you ever feel YOU’RE running on adrenaline? Overwhelmed? Overscheduled? I wonder if humans were designed to HALT AT X…to pause, turn off work and turn off the phone.
I multitasked my way through a 10 year stretch I describe as the “running on adrenaline years”. Feeling like there weren’t enough hours in the day, I’d opt for a full-service gas station, efficiently grabbing the unscheduled five minutes to make a call or write a cheque. Every time I stopped I’d start to doze off….. So I tried not to stop.
While judging and teaching riding clinics in Israel, I noted that everything shuts down for the Sabbath. Activities, businesses, even horse shows! Religious or not, God’s design in the Hebrew Scriptures to work hard, then carve out a day to rest, reflect and recharge are still observed.
Psychologists confirm that people and families seem to thrive on a regular rhythm of work and rest.
Any ideas to take “mini-Sabbaths” within the week or at regular intervals through the day? Turning off tech, going for a walk, sitting down to eat, praying, opting for a look in the eyes conversation with a friend instead of a text.
“Do not be conformed to the standards of the world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” From the book of Romans, the Bible.