Equitation Whisperer?

“My horse reads my mind.” If you and your horse really click, it can seem like telepathy!

What appears to be a telepathic connection develops from experience and sensitivity and emerges when the horse and rider are working together in harmony with a common mind and purpose.

Our horses, in their unique design,  respond to subtle signals preceding our deliberate cues. Research shows that from the moment the rider’s brain thinks about changing speed or direction, that message is transmitted through the nervous system to the muscles, ready for action. Those small shifts in muscle tension of the rider’s legs, hands and arms can get the horse’s attention.

Another reason, besides great equitation scores, to practice quiet seat and hands is to make it easier for  the horse to detect these subtle pre-signals “Body riding,” coined by George Morris is more than unsightly – it’s unhelpful. Intentional cues will go unnoticed in sea of random, meaningless movements—the turbulence of flapping, pumping or clenching that a horse will learn to ignore.

Predictable riders make it easier for horses to learn- this always comes before that. Intentional riders know that balance between subtle and indiscernible.  

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