Core strong rider equitation or grabbing for leather? Riding out 2020 with resilience.

Rounding the corner into our 8th month of restrictions and cancellations – we’re getting weary.
 Like that 2nd arena lap of posting trot without stirrups, when you’re losing your poise and realize it’s only your head nodding up and down.  I advise the riders I coach to work on their equitation without stirrups or in two- point position for only a lap at a time.  Fatigue leaves us sloppy – grabbing for leather or a fistful of mane with the next spook or stumble.  Yet, saddles slip and manes pull out.
So, what anchors a person when life becomes tiring?

  I was listening to a an interview  yesterday with Ken and Heidi,  a psychotherapist and doctor  from my community.  Each spoke of the emotional and physical toll these eight months have taken on those they serve. Disconnection… Loneliness… Hopelessness.

Heidi noted that the pandemic  is testing our resilience, testing our core beliefs.  Surfacing the question “Where is my hope?”

Ken shared a plus side of this pandemic ; when all that’s familiar is turned upside down, we’re more inclined to consider life’s big questions:

 “Is there a purpose in all this?”
“What do I really believe in?”
 “Where is my ultimate hope?”

He quoted a favourite passage, written hundreds of years ago, during a time of political and economic upheaval. A poem, penned by someone who anchored himself to the core belief that there was indeed a Purpose in all this.

“Even if the fig tree does not blossom and there is no fruit on the vines,
even if the olive crop fails and the fields yield no food,
 even if there are no sheep in the pen and no cattle in the stalls,
  yet I will have joy in the Lord. I will be glad in the God who saves me.  
The Lord is my strength. He has made my feet like the feet of a deer, and He will make me walk over my high mountains”.
From the Bible, Habakkuk chapter  3