Before the horse show season training project – mounting manners.

We’ve all heard it – it’s the attention to details that makes a winner. Not just spit-and-polish details but those little training details – like standing still while mounting.
Why does it matter? There aren’t any ribbons handed out at the mounting block. So, who cares if we let our horses walk away or wiggle around while we’re climbing aboard?

Consider -if my horse walks through my hands, backs away from the mounting block or swings his hip into my outside leg, isn’t he more likely to do that inside the ring? And it all adds up – every run-out at a jump, buck in a rail class or bulge to the in-gate can likely be traced to a cue that the horse ignored.

Bonus – if you feel less agile with your show gear on it makes show day a little less stressful with a horse who stays put at the mounting block!

For some training tips for mounting, here’s a link to an article I wrote about it posted previously

(Dave Elston illustration)