Hell hath no fury like a Horse Show Mom scorned

I’m cautiously following my glowing Mother’s Day post in praise of horse show moms (and in praise of my own horse mom and cheerleader) with the other kind of horse show mother. Sharing the same breed characteristics as the intense hockey dad, this mom advocates fiercely for and rides vicariously through her young equestrian. As … Read more

On lengthening a horse’s natural stride – what’s realistic? An equine expert weighs in.

A rider with a smaller horse asks “Can you really lengthen a horse’s natural stride?”  According to Dr. Hilary Clayton, the leading equine expert in equine gait biomechanics and Sport Horse science … to an extent, yes. Some excerpts from the author’s article:  I rejected one horse trainer’s recommendation to inject everything from my horse’s … Read more

Horse mom

My mom – such a good sport. Wincing, no doubt, as my first horse and I “learned together”. In the days before baled horse shavings, it was Mom who stoically held the garbage bag while I climbed into the sawdust bin at the local lumber yard and scooped. The dust poofed into her face, coating … Read more