Skipping the reset – what might we miss?

In the middle of the horse show class, a reining rider pauses to reset after 4 spins… to think…to plan for the canter departure ahead.  So, what ‘ll I do with the free space left from cancelled horse activities, horse shows and daily appointments? Slow work or no work?  Though voices from our screens call … Read more

(re)Training horses, step-by-step

In my equitation science workshops, I show a slide with a steps and landings.  Frustration’s inevitable when we find ourselves one flight down from our last schooling session. ..especially if it happens in the warm up ring at a show!  (Been there).  “But he never does this at home!” “C’mon – you KNOW this, perfectly … Read more

Horse show cancellations… and hope

Fielding the daily “postponements” and cancellations of riding clinics and horse show judging. (a photo from my judging booth at last summer’s Teen Ranch hunter/jumper show). Every postponement is mingled with a little hope as we kick the can down the road a little further. Each cancellation feels like a little grief. Thinking of all … Read more