Judging horses – sticking to the “score”.

Attending the AQHA judges conference in Dallas felt like being part of a large orchestra! One of 350 judges, tuning up to be “on key” with the standard, and in sync with one another. So many experienced, talented horse-people, yet personal preferences, interpretations and biases were to be laid aside – a reminder to stick … Read more Judging horses – sticking to the “score”.

Hazards, horses and helmets

What’s the best choice to control risk in working with horses? Researchers surveyed 1,700 horse people (owners, riders, and enthusiasts). The #1 choice? Helmets. Training was low on the list. “People working with horses seem to simply accept the tradition that equestrianism is high-risk”, said a speaker at August’s U of Guelph Equitation Science conference—a … Read more Hazards, horses and helmets