Riding bareback: when natural is not necessarily better.

That bareback beach riding bucket list experience – a tender moment for the rider, yet perhaps differently “tender” for the horse… In several recent studies researchers have confirmed the benefits of pressure distribution thanks to saddle trees, making them a better option than the localized pressure from some treeless saddles or riding bareback. With the … Read more

Hope riding on a white horse.

Well, as the dust settles from our Canadian election, some folks had their hopes dashed – others had their hope stirred.Hopes for happiness, prosperity, justice….Yet, in the words of the late Chuck Colson: “Salvation will not arrive on Air Force One.” Removed from his seat of power as Counsel to the President, landing in a … Read more

Understanding horses

“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view…” quote from To Kill A Mockingbird. How do we know what we know about horses? Working with the staff and volunteers (good sports!) of the Windreach therapeutic riding program, participants gained insights from equitation science and from between the reins … Read more

Reading horses (and people).

Lindsay Grice stable aisle

Researchers observed equine  body language and facial expressions  in a grooming study, comparing these visible responses  to what’s under the surface – blood cortisol, oxytocin levels  and heart rate. As a coach, I encourage riders to read their horses –to check in every couple of seconds with how their signals are reflected in their horse’s … Read more