Trail Obstacle Challenge – “This will be on the test!”

Math exam, driving exam – we’ve all been there. Unknown questions are best faced with well-rehearsed  fundamentals. Judging the Mountain Trail challenge show at Happy Trails Horse Park, it was cool to see riders navigate their horses through unfamiliar obstacles with familiar cues. Though not permitted to practice the obstacles on competition day, some had … Read more

Taking poles in stride. Part 1

A recent article I wrote for The Rider… Building your horse’s skill and confidence over poles is like building any structure – first, lay a solid foundation. Nothing shakes a prey animal’s confidence like getting his feet tangled as he leaps over and lands on the rails. As with jumping, the building blocks of this … Read more

Lungeing horse. Life lessons.

Sharing some Life lessons Learned from Horses with this week with a group of camp staff and teens. I asked -What re you revolving around? What gives you identity, security, significance? I’ve lunged what seems like a million horses. Just when you think you’re the master lunger, one’ll throw you a curve ball. Leaving its … Read more