Out of alignment

  A medley of horse performance issues stem from the same source – lack of straightness. Anyone driving a truck a truck and trailer will tell you that in stopping or backing, you’d better have the rig straight! The same is true with horses. When a horse has his head, neck, shoulders and hips aligned … Read more

A coach is a mirror

Lindsay Grice Ring Teaching

I’ve learned so much about horses by watching them. Coaching, training, judging -I make my living observing horses and riders. As a coach, I act as a mirror.  My eyes circle from the rider’s signals to the horse’s response – speaking back what I see – choosing words as descriptively and simply as I can.  I often ask riders to … Read more

5 top reasons for horse and rider communication gaps.

Glitches in the training ring or show ring can usually be sourced to communication issues: mixed messages or muffled cues. When I started to study the science about horse behaviour and learning, it confirmed many things I’d discovered by trial and error as a coach and trainer. Learning WHY gave substance to the HOW. And … Read more

How low is too low? Head position in the show ring.

An excellent article from champion Bob Avila, addresses a horse show  trend that’s been troubling  me as a horseperson and judge.  Another trend I hope our governing associations will consider  “reining back” , for the welfare of our industry and the welfare of the horse.  (Every discipline has its trends!) It’s the extreme low, even … Read more