The battle of the bulge

Wow-the battle of the bulge – not just a concern for us, middle- aged humans but our horses as well! There’s an increase in the number of obese horses found in the leisure industry in industrialized countries and it’s now recognized as a real equine health and welfare concern. Here are some highlights and suggestions … Read more

Temper tantrums

A subtle jerk and spur. An aggressive back-up.  Barking out “WHOA!” with a scowl.  As a judge I see them (and sometimes DQ them). As a coach I talk riders logically through them.  And I sadly recall a few of my own!  In the fishbowl of the horse show, it’s natural to lose it when … Read more

Four areas to improve our horses’ welfare

What are the welfare challenges facing pleasure and competition horses? A research study, led by academics at the University of Bristol’s School of Vet Sciences set to find out. I thought it was cool that experts from across the equine industry contributed to the research- vets, farriers, trainers, welfare charities, breed and competition associations. As … Read more