Confusing horse training jargon.

Mystical, humorous or deliberately elusive – the terms we use in the horse business can leave a rider scratching her head.  I was a coach’s worst nightmare – “What do you mean by that?” I’d ask . I rarely got a meaningful answer. “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” Einstein. … Read more

Why does the horse jump?

Ever wonder…Why does the horse jump? For the love of it? Or simply easier to cooperate? Just thinking through what it’s like to be a horse is bound to make us better riders and appreciate our equine partners! “Consider, for example, a horse and rider preparing to jump a four-foot wall. Jumping serves the rider’s … Read more

How do you keep school horses fresh?

At recent clinics for therapeutic riding facilities, we considered ideas to: teach a horse new “buttons” and erase those that are no longer needed fit a really effective skill tune- up into a minimum schooling time budget prevent sourness and unwanted habits    evaluate a donated horse for suitability We solved some “horse puzzles” using … Read more

Volunteers. Getting involved in a bigger story!

Volunteers – giving of themselves for the benefit of others. Working together  toward a bigger story than their own.  I had pleasure (and fun!) of working with staff and volunteers at two therapeutic riding facilities over the last two weekends.  It’s SO easy to get lost in our own stories, isn’t it? Scrolling screens, and … Read more