In a discussion about bits at a Pony Club clinic, I encouraged the teen riders to THINK CRITICALLY. Traditions and opinions eaten up too quickly as fact, leaves a bulging tack box collection (and a lean wallet!).

Horse Show families

Family Day.  Thinking of all the families who have been part of my barn family in many years of coaching riders! Teens riding, while mom and dad master leg bandaging and leg ups. Or one spouse in the saddle with the other driving the RV and videotaping the class. Horse shows can pull families together…and … Read more

Speed event “horse science”…Every little resistance costs precious time.

I love working with “speed riders” in clinics or lessons – helping them to: identify specific instances in which the horse is resisting their cues on course clarify their cues  speak in a code the horse understands – even while navigating at speed. Jumper, barrels or extreme obstacle races. Speed under control is quicker than … Read more