Halt at X Part 2

Featured in Horse Canada In most disciplines a stop will be on the exam. Styles may vary slightly but in every pattern or test the stop is your presentation’s final “ta-da”. What is the judge looking for?. Location.  Your horse should be able to stop in the exact imaginary box of your choosing, not in … Read more

Halt at X Part 1

Featured in Horse Canada I write this article on return from the horse show, after judging multiple disciplines. One common denominator across divisions? The box on each score sheet in which I record a mark for the halt. Equitation,  hunter hack,  reining, western riding, driven dressage, pleasure driving, and showmanship. Good brakes are a must-have … Read more

Reflections of a freelance riding coach

As 2018 ran out of racetrack, I reflected on what I love about being a freelance riding coach. 1. The barn aisle conversations about riding, family and life. 2. I love driving! A transition window to consider my lesson plan, the unique personality of the horse and rider and flip through my mental Rolodex of … Read more

New Year’s to-do (and NOT to-do) lists for wise riders.

Lindsay Grice stable aisle

“Experience is not the best teacher; EVALUATED experience is”. – Dr. Howard Hendricks (pastor, professor) Spend some time though reflecting on this past year -what worked and what didn’t work What “bore fruit” in your riding program, your health, relationships and in the lives of others What you enjoyed and what you didn’t enjoy. If … Read more