Trailer loading and the Christmas story.

Many years ago, I remember the frustration of trying to convince a resistant horse onto a trailer at a horse show. “Don’t you understand?? This is the only way home!!”(meltdown moment) “If I could only become a horse, I’d show you there’s nothing to be afraid of!” Come to think of it, that’s the essence … Read more

Why does a horse jump?

Ever wonder…Why does the horse jump? For the love of it? Or simply easier to cooperate? Just thinking through what it’s like to be a horse is bound to make us better riders and appreciate our equine partners! “Consider, for example, a horse and rider preparing to jump a four-foot wall. Jumping serves the rider’s … Read more

Does a racehorse know if he wins or loses?

 Dr. S McDonnell, equine behaviourist, responds to a reader’s interesting question : Q.Talk about running American Pharoah in the Breeders Cup went like this- . “It’s for the horse” and “so he can retire a winner” seem to imply that the horse understands winning and losing races. … What difference would it make to the … Read more

Horse show luck?

“Good luck!” With a final buff of my boot and a pat to the horse’s neck, the horse’s owner waves me from warm up ring to show pen before taking their place in the bleachers. Many years of showing horses, many owners, many horses, but the scene is familiar. Do you believe in luck?

A rider’s eyes

At this week’s AQHA show judge’s update, I really liked how one of the clinicians described what judge’s are looking for in “looking ahead”, scoring equitation over fences.